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So Who is Tina?
My mission is to help you have more confidence

so you can have more adventures, more fun and more success!

A bit about me...

You May have noticed there is a beach, travel and adventure theme on this website!!

That's because I work hard, play hard and the beach is my place for re-generation and inspiration. I now live in Southern Spain and get to spend time on my beloved beach daily while I plan my next travels and adventures.

My business supports my adventurous lifestyle and allows me to invest in my personal and business development, and I'm still very much a work in progress!

I work with wonderful clients from all around the globe:  from the UK, Spain, other countries in Europe, the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia. And I love it!

More than anything though, I love to have fun and adventures!  I have lots of adventures right here on my doorstep.  Gentle adventures such as hiking, sailing and outdoor cinema.  And more extreme adventures like river canyoning and the via ferrata (high wires).  

A few years ago though, life for me was very different....

You can read the full, unabridged story here:

Atrévete!    Dare Yourself!
Stop watching with envious eyes while others have all the fun!
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  • ​Bust the myths that have been holding you back
  • Discover the 3 secret essential steps
  • ​Do something new!
  • Start living a life full of adventure, fun and success

Discover the Courage and Confidence to
Grab Life By The Balls!
Atrévete! (Dare Yourself!)

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"Working With Tina is Worth Every Penny"
"I woke up this morning, put my kids on the school bus, kissed my husband goodbye, sat on my computer and in one hour finished my DREAM CAREER MODEL. After talking to Tina yesterday everything started to fall into place. Tina's mentoring programme helped me, not only learn how to present myself, but also helped me to develop my business and I now realize how I can combine everything together."
Maria Kalogera - Career Consultant in Greece specialising in getting students into the right International Universities

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Five fun facts about me...

1. Apart from my love of my work and the beach, my other big passion is salsa dancing. Or, to be more accurate, dancing salsa, kizomba and particularly bachata. But most people outside of the salsa dancing world haven't heard of the others.

2. I used to practice martial arts and got to Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate. I also had a great time visiting the studio of a Kenpo master in Florida where I was treated like a VIP.

3. I also used to be a part time soldier in the Territorial Army. I served for over 7 years as a medic and loved it. I got to do stuff that I'd always dreamed of doing since being a kid - and a tomboy.

4. I love horses and used to ride regularly and have my own horses.

5. I've always been a bit of a performer and used to be in an amateur dramatics group, so have experienced the terror and thrill of acting on stage.

Professional Certifications

  • Diploma in Life Coaching - 2 year course with Noble Manhattan (completed 2003)
  • ​Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) - 1 year course completed 2003
  • ​Qualified to Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2002
  • ​NVQ Level 4 in Training Adults 2001
  • ​Life Coach of the year award 2004 - national award (presented by Philppa Forrester from Tomorrow's World)
  • ​Founding president of Armada Speakers Toastmasters Club 2009