To get to where I am today, I've been on quite a journey!

Here is the full, unabridged version of my story...

It might help explain why I'm teaching what I'm teaching today

To get to where I am today, I've been on quite a journey!

Here is the full, unabridged version of my story...

It might help explain why I'm teaching what I'm teaching today

My Story - unabridged

You May have noticed there is a beach theme on this website!!

That's because I'm obsessed with the beach! I work hard, play hard and the beach is my place for re-generation and inspiration. I now live in Southern Spain and get to spend time on my beloved beach daily.

A few years ago though, life for me was very different....

I'm a coach and trainer and have always been told that my coaching and training is the best! Consistently getting the highest praise and feedback, and even winning national awards, I couldn't understand why I still struggled to get a consistent stream of clients and work.

But to really understand my struggle and how I overcame it, I need to go further back.

I started my career in a building society and, to cut a long story short, ended up in the world of financial services where selling and targets were all that mattered.  We were put under pressure to sell at all costs and the wrath of the boss if we came back from appointment with no sale still triggers unpleasant memories.  We were made to feel small.....    very small.

Little did I know it then, but this violated all of my values - and caused huge stress.  

After suffering massively, I eventually left the industry and vowed that I would never sell again in my life...... EVER!

So I changed career and embarked on the one thing from my former career that I was good at - presenting and training.  And I seemed to excel.  It fitted my outgoing personality and my values of helping people.

Once again though, corporate life was asking me to behave in a way that violated my values, so I left to become self employed, working as a freelance trainer and coach.  I invested heavily in my skills, collecting qualifications because deep down I didn't feel good enough.  I also believed that once I had all these qualifications and skills, people would want to book me on the spot!

All was well - until the economy crash started to put a squeeze on training budgets and I now had to find my own work and clients.  I learned that the most successful trainers were those that had a particular area of expertise.  So I began with leadership and management as that's where most of my training experience lay.  

But it wasn't me.

I discovered that the work I loved best was speaking and presenting and teaching others how to do it too so I learned more and more and zoned in with aspirations of becoming a professional motivational speaker.  I didn't know it then, but even the world of professional speaking wasn't a perfect fit for me and many aspects were still violating my values.  (Too many aspects to mention here but one of them was the time away from home)

The bottom line was now I had to sell..... 

And this is where I made every mistake in the book!  

I couldn't do it...

I burned myself out attending endless networking events and speaking for free anywhere and everywhere to 'raise my profile'.  I had absolutely no process for bringing clients on board. It was 'hope' marketing. I just put myself out there and hoped people would hire me.  

I did get well-paid speaking gigs at corporate conferences and I did get training work and some highly paid coaching work.  But not consistently and not enough to live on.  

This, plus a divorce that left me hugely in debt (that's another story for another day) left me with no option but to declare myself bankrupt and start all over again.

So at this point, although I was a great trainer and a great coach, I felt - well like a total and complete failure!

So how on earth could I help other people to be successful?  

I was pretty much at the point of giving up and getting a job as a check-out chick in a supermarket - at least I would have regular hours, a regular income and be working with people.  But somewhere deep inside my dreams to make a bigger difference were still alight.

I was living in Plymouth, in the South West of England and it seemed to me that the only alternative was to move to a bigger city so I began making plans.  But my heart was heavy - I loved living by the sea and I'm really not a city girl.  

Then I was introduced to the whole idea of working online.  At first, I rejected it - surely I needed to have 'bums on seats' in a room?  Surely I had to work face to face in person with my clients?

I discovered that this wasn't so.

I entered an unfamiliar but exciting world.  

I had never even heard the terms autoresponder, squeeze page or webinar - let alone know how to use them!

But this is where my world began to turn around.  

I invested small amounts in programmes to get me going, and I then borrowed a small fortune (to me back then) to buy into more.   I was left feeling frustrated as things weren't working for me.

Then I was fortunate enough to join a wonderful online community and I began to make progress....

Little by little....    step by step.....

Things started to turn around for me and I ploughed every penny of what I earned into more mentoring and learning.  (Some of which was a total waste of money and some of which was absolutely priceless)

As I love living by the sea so much, I developed a dream five years ago to live by the sea in a sunnier climate in the South of Spain or Gibraltar.

I got frustrated though, as for a while, I was still finding things weren't happening.  It appeared that I just switched my offline methods to online - and I still had an aversion to 'selling'.  It didn't fit with my values.  It was clear I had to get my head around this.

So I made more investments and learned how to get clients in a way that didn't compromise my values, in a way that feels comfortable and allows me to be totally 100% me.  No 'fake it til you make it', no pretending to be someone I wasn't. 

And the investments I've made into my business are paying off as I now have wonderful clients all around the globe. 

And - back in 2016, I achieved my dream of moving to Spain - right next to Gibraltar. That adventure has since grown to include a 9 month travel trip - 4 months touring Canada, 3 months touring the US and 2 months catching up with family and friends in the UK before returning home to Spain! And all of this has been possible because of learning how to work online and automate as much as possible!

I have had so many insights and learned so much on this journey.  

Too many to share here without making this page very long and boring but I share these insights where relevant in my trainings.

If you've got right to the end of my story, I would love to help you on your journey to reaching more people, making a bigger difference and changing your own life in doing so. 

So, get in touch and let's see how I can help you.

Big hugs

Tina xxx

Sue Relihan
Working With Tina is Amazing
"Since working with Tina, I have learned so much and have really got my speaking and marketing off the ground.  Tina holds me accountable but does it in a gentle, loving way - it's the right balance between pushing me and accepting that sometimes life gets in the way.

What makes it so great is that Tina is so much fun to work with.  I hadn't known her for long when I realised I would move heaven and earth to be able to work with her."
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