What they're saying about me...
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You're great at what you do and get
amazing results with your clients...

You want to inspire and make a bigger impact with
a greater number of people
My mission is to help you make a big difference
by getting your message out there using speaking strategies
You're a great coach....
You probably have tons of knowledge and a wealth of experience that you KNOW will help others - and you probably also have a burning desire to help as many people as possible.  After all, you may have been where they are now and you're certain that so many people can truly benefit from working with you.

But how do you get to connect with all those people that want and need your help?


Through speaking.

Speaking is the BEST way to build a following - offline and online. It's how the top coaches and 'experts' got where they are. 
Speaking offline in more traditional methods such as on stage at conferences, at meetings and networking events and in small meetings with potential customers.

And speaking online through webinars, videos, Facebook lives, video blogging and so much more.

But speaking alone isn't going to work - you may have already found that. 
It's important that you know where to speak, what to speak about and how to construct your talk in a way that creates buyer desire.

You're probably not into selling - and that's fine! 

You absolutely don't need to turn into one of those kind of pushy, in-your-face kind of speakers with a presentation that is pretty much all sales pitch.
I'm here to help you find the balance that educates, inspires and gets your audience wanting to work with you and buy your information products.

You may lack a little in confidence - especially when speaking to camera or with the technology when it comes to speaking online.  And that's OK too because I can help you every step of the way.
Sound good?

Fab!  There are a number of ways you can develop your speaking skills and get better results...
Robert Martin
Tina has changed my life
“I’m sitting here in tears. I watched one video last night that just changed my world. I have been struggling with what we actually do – we build websites yada yada yada just like every other Tom, Dick and Harry out there. Following Tina's training, I changed my message and in the next few weeks, added $20k in revenue! That one video just changed my entire outlook and my entire message”
Robert Martin - CEO Purple Tie Guys
"I would move heaven and earth to be able to work with Tina"
Sue Relihan
"The course paid for itself on the first sale"...
Robert Martin - Purple Tie Guys
Sue Relihan
Working With Tina is Amazing
"Since working with Tina, I have learned so much and have really got my speaking and marketing off the ground.  Tina holds me accountable but does it in a gentle, loving way - it's the right balance between pushing me and accepting that sometimes life gets in the way.

What makes it so great is that Tina is so much fun to work with.  I hadn't known her for long when I realised I would move heaven and earth to be able to work with her."
Sue Relihan - Author of "Metamorphosis: One Woman's Journey to find Serenity & Empowerment
Where Lucy Started
Where Lucy is now
Case Study - Lucy Flanagan Martin
I'd like to introduce you to Lucy.

When I first started working with Lucy, she was a newly qualified coach and extremely timid.  She trembled at the idea of going to a networking meeting and having to introduce herself, so a friend of hers recommended that she work with me.  

While she was very shy, the thing that struck me most about Lucy was her desire to make a difference.  She had an absolute passion to help other working mums like herself and was absolutely determined to succeed. 

We worked first of all on her confidence and got her attending networking meetings, delivering her 'elevator pitch, over coffee and her 'intromercial' to the rest of the group.  Despite needing to work through her anxieties, Lucy never gave up.  She had a dream to speak on a much larger stage, inspiring mums to combine parenting with business and have the life they dreamed of.

Fast forward to today and Lucy has made a MASSIVE success of her business!

She now speaks regularly at events, runs her own workshops and is inspiring thousands of ladies - just as she desired.

Through her speaking, Lucy was able to attract not only clients but also collaboration partners.

Just last year, Lucy obtained the sponsorship of local media company 'Devon Life' and held a large awards event, which she hosted herself and it was a huge hit.  This was a spectacular event and Lucy shone brightly like a diamond - a far cry from the timid lady that I first worked with. 

Lucy is now speaking online through Facebook live broadcasts and has recently run her first webinar.

I'm so proud to have been a part of Lucy's journey just as she was starting out and have enjoyed watching her blossom from timid beginner to a confident and inspirational speaker. 
Charlotte Skinner
Christina Rabbich-Tait
Case Study
I worked with a science student who was short-listed for a trip to NASA. There were only 4 or 5 places available and 9 people short-listed. A presentation formed a large part of the selection process. Having worked with the student on the delivery of his presentation, he came second and secured his place on the trip.

Case Study:  Maria Kalogera
I worked with Maria to help her articulate her business message.  She had several parts to her business, so we pulled it all together under a unique Signature System.  The result was her Dream Career Model. 
This has helped Maria pull in clients for ALL her different services.
"I woke up this morning, put my kids on the school bus, kissed my husband goodbye, sat on my computer and in one hour finished my DREAM CAREER MODEL. After talking to Tina yesterday everything started to fall into place. Tina's mentoring programme helped me, not only learn how to present myself, but also helped me to develop my business and I now realize how I can combine everything together."
Maria Kalogera, Career Coach, Athens, Greece
More Testimonials
“Tina coached me when I had to give the opening address at a large conference for the Oil and Gas Industry. She helped me to deliver with confidence and the speech was tremendously well received – I can highly recommend her.”   J Monks, International Association of Drilling Companies (North Sea Chapter) 

“Before receiving coaching with Tina, I used to wish that an asteroid would hit the building I was in so I wouldn’t have to give my presentations! Now, I’m much more confident and have even stepped forward and volunteered to deliver presentations. My ability has soared and this has made a noticeable difference in my impact upon the audience.” Neal Walker, Merchant Navy

“My business was limited by my ability to talk to large groups of people. I was terrified at the thought of public speaking. Tina changed me from being a quivering wreck into a confident and competent public speaker. She is truly inspirational and made learning fun as well as informative. I now welcome any public speaking opportunity as I know that I can do it well, and already my number of clients has doubled in the short time since I have completed the course. It should be compulsory for everyone who ever has to speak or present in public to attend one of Tina’s public speaking courses!” Julia Ford, Image Consultant 

“Thank you very much for an excellent programme. I am now really looking forward to making my presentation next week. Your advice into the content was so valuable, it will make a real difference to the impact on the audience.” Bill Eaton, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

“I just wanted to let you know how much your inspirational presentation on Public Speaking has helped me. I adopted my new skills and put them into a presentation I had to deliver to a group of influential business people and got outstanding results! After the presentation, I was approached by at least 7 people from the group of about 20, all of whom wanted to congratulate me on what they saw as a very interesting, humorous, informative and professional presentation (All their words!) The outcome is that I am currently talking to two of the audience with a view to doing business with them. Please accept my thanks for giving me the inspiration, determination, and confidence to be positive about Public Speaking.” Paul Bishop, Director, Netstationers Exeter & Plymouth

“Just wanted to say thank-you again. I have been using the skills you taught me and I am getting a much better response from my audiences now. They lap it up and my message gets across SOOO much better.” Helen Hall, Relax Recruitment

‘Tina’s courses cover a surprising amount of technical detail that moves your game up a couple of notches and as a result builds your confidence which puts the audience at ease.’ Andrew Searle

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