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The Power of The Pause
Written by Tina Sibley in August 2018

Imagine you’re on a battlefield – and you need to rally your troops! 
You need to gain their confidence and motivate and inspire them into action. But before you do that, you need to command their attention so your voice can be heard.

You can ride up and down before your army hollering ‘FREEEEDOM!’ – (Think Braveheart! ) But what if you’re not the hollering type – and most leaders are not!
Imagine you’re Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was not an imposing figure – he had no height or stature standing at only 5ft 2 inches. And he didn’t have a great speaking voice – he spoke French with a coarse Corsican accent.  

So how did he do it? He had a secret weapon – he used the Power of The Pause. 
He would stand in front of his troops for a whole minute before addressing them – he used silence to command their attention and respect.  

When you see the high-energy motivational speakers, it’s easy to think you have to be just like them to get your message across.  

You don’t!

One of my dearest friends who sadly left us too young was an amazing speaker. Linda was nervous and shy and was naturally very quietly spoken – but she had a message to share. She developed her own unique style and used silence to great effect. She projected her voice when she needed to but didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t – she spoke gently but firmly and could hold a massive audience without yelling at them.  

You just have to be yourself. And if you’re not the high-energy, hollering type, you can use silence, pauses and a soft voice to command your audience’s attention and get your voice heard. 

And even if you ARE the high-energy, hollering type – try using silence and see what happens! It’s not called the Powerful Pause for nothing!

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