The Courage to Conquer

Working Deeply in Nature

An experience of a lifetime, and a journey to test your limits. Discover exactly what you're made of.

I guarantee you will NEVER be the same again.

The best breakthroughs only happen when you're away from your usual environment, out of your comfort zone and immersed in nature.

The achievement of tackling something you never thought possible will change you FOREVER

Transformational Trekking Retreats

These retreats combine unique travel and trekking experiences with deep coaching work to disolve your fears and discover your inner courage and confidence. These adventures will nourish your mind, body, heart and soul. You will learn to take any goal and absolutely smash it.

An Adventure in Peru

The most magical experience over 11 days that will leave you with an unshakeable confidence

  • Cusco - the Capital City of the Incas

  • Hike the Inca Trail through the sacred Andes

  • Discover the wonders of the ancient city of Machu Picchu

  • Celebrate with the festival of Inti Raymi (the Inca Festival of the Sun)

  • Take one final challenge on Rainbow Mountain

Spanish Hills and Beaches

A 5 day retreat on the coast in beautiful Andalucia at the Southernmost tip of Spain.

On holiday here and only have 1 or 2 days to spare? We can arrange that too!

Magnificent Morocco

A 5 day retreat in the heart of the Rif Mountains in Morocco

  • Chefchaouen - the blue pearl

  • Hike in the beautiful Rif Mountains

  • Discover the old medina

  • Tangiers markets

  • Conquer Jebel Musa - one of the pillars of Hercules

The Kilimanjaro Challenge

A two week expedition with 8 days on the highest free standing mountain in the world

  • Start gently with the Materuni waterfall hike and coffee tour

  • Visit the Maasai warriors in one of their villages

  • Take the Lemosho route to stand on the roof of Africa

  • Unwind with the famous Moshi Mama Massage

  • Take a day safari in the Tarangere National Park


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