Done For You Webinar Services
Fully Automated
Lead Generation System

Here's what I will do:

✅Work with you to get all the details of the webinar, who it's for, what it will achieve, gather your teaching points and create an offer.

✅Write the webinar presentation

✅Put the powerpoint slides together

✅Write the sript so you know EXACTLY what you have to say

✅Review the presentation with you

✅Make the changes needed following review so you can go and record it.

✅Critique your recording and suggest improvements

✅Do a final review

✅Set up your automated webinar event within MY Easy Webinar Platform

✅Create a really cool landing page within MY Clickfunnels account

✅Create the Thank You page

✅Set up the Event and Replay pages

✅Create an 'Application for Consultation' page and integrate it with an application form

✅Write all the PRE webinar emails and set them up inside Easy Webinar

✅Integrate the webinar with your Autoresponder

✅Write all the POST webinar emails for you to deliver from your Autoresponder

✅Analyse the stats and provide a weekly report for the first 4 weeks and then a monthly report for 3 months so you can see exactly where the improvements need to be made.

✅If necessary, I will even record the webinar for you! Although it is better if you can do it to build relationships.

As you can see - it's a lot of heavy lifing on my part!!
Don't Have The Time?  Let ME Do The Work!



I'm in phase 2 of my Beta Testing for my new, premium 'Done For You' webinar service

A good, automated webinar is a MONEY MAKING MACHINE!


To do a full-blown webinar really well is a LOT of work! 
But massively worth it for the intelligent data you collect and the follow up you can do with that data.

Here's all YOU need to do:

✳️Give me the info I require to write your webinar and set it up

✳️Set up the follow up emails in your autoresponder - literally just copy and paste - the emails will be written. Unless you happen to use Infusionsoft, or Active Campaign, when I could do this for you too!

✳️Record the webinar - although, if you prefer I will even do this bit for you as well.

✳️Drive traffic to it. I recommend Facebook Ads and, if you can't do them yourself, it's worth getting that done for you too.

So as you see, for minimum effort on your part, you could have a profitable webinar up and running very quickly.

It just needs a relatively small investment to get you off the ground.
Bear in mind that Webinar Agencies are charging anything from $20,000 to $70,000 for this kind of work.

Depending on what's required and any outsourcing for copywriters, my premium service will be modest by comparison, anything between $5,000 and $20,000 and a monthly 'hosting' and reporting fee - maybe around $200 - $500 per month.


Depending on the project, I'm looking at around $2,500 to $3,000 to set it up then a monthly hosting and reporting fee of around $125 per month for my next Beta Tester. But - using all the tools I will be including, such as ClickFunnels and Easy Webinar, we should get the webinar producing a healthy and predictable monthly income. 

Although there are never guarantees, there are people out there earning upwards of $50+K per month from their webinars like this!!

So - would you like to be considered? Obviously, I can only work with a small number of people at a time and I need to feel I can get you a return, so there is an application process.

Click the button below if you're interested, schedule and appointment for us to discuss whether a 'Done For You' webinar is right for you and submit an application.

Let's make 2018 Rock! ✨✨
Want Your Own "Tina Day"?
I can only work with a small number of clients for my 'Done For You' Service
A fully automated webinar with intelligent and automated follow up sequence is something special. 

It's a complete lead generation system that fills your calendar with pre-qualified leads.
People who want what you have to offer, who want to work with you, can afford to pay you and are ready to proceed NOW!
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