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Week 9: Quiet Week
Written by Tina Sibley in March 2019

Again, I didn't record things as I went, so I've taken the figures from my health app, activities from my diary and I'm writing this retrospectively.  

Round up of The Week

A poor start to the week fitness wise.  As well as my Spanish intensive course, I began the more advanced class, so am doing 5 hours of Spanish lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays.  This has been wiping me out!

In addition, there was no dancing on Thursday and Friday because of holidays.

I had some friends visiting on Friday and we walked into Gibraltar, so I managed lots of steps and then on Sunday, I hiked on my own around the Alcaidesa coast.  I did lots of this on the sand, which was really heavy going and tiring - as well as around the hills. 

Dancing again Friday night and Sunday night - and on Sunday, I noticed that I could get into smaller jeans and am looking better.  People have also started noticing, which is really encouraging. 

Health Overview
I don't seem to have saved my BP readings this week.  

Weight static, which is really frustrating.  

Preparation This Week 

No yoga or circuits again this week, and very few steps at the start of the week, but did 14,919 steps Friday and 20,128 on Sunday. 

It has been a quiet week really with nothing much of significance to report. 

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