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Week 8: Picking Up
Written by Tina Sibley in March 2019

Again, I didn't record things as I went, so I've taken the figures from my health app, activities from my diary and I'm writing this retrospectively.  

Round up of The Week

A poor start to the week fitness wise.  I've started my Spanish intensive course, so am doing 3 hours of Spanish lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays.  

The end of the week was much better though, with a long hike on Friday around Sotogrande.  We hiked 15.5 kms and I found the pace and distance fairly easy - just a little tired towards the end. 

I covered a lot of steps on Sunday - although I think that was mainly from dancing on Saturday night after midnight and then Sunday evening. 

Health Overview
Blood pressure followed a similar pattern - good at start of the week, dreadful mid-week and great again at the end of the week.  

I lost 1.25 lbs this week and ended the week at 179.75 lbs

Preparation This Week 

No yoga or circuits again this week, and very few steps at the start of the week, but did 23,698 steps Friday, 7,611 Saturday and 18,322 on Sunday. 

It feels like I'm picking up again this week. 

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