Treading Water
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Week 7: Treading Water
Written by Tina Sibley in March 2019

Following last week's crash, I lost motivation and didn't record my daily activities, although I can take the figures from my health app and write retrospectively.  

Round up of The Week

After the crazy weekend in Cadiz, I was very, very tired so didn't do any of my yoga or circuits.  I totally lost heart for them.  I also didn't do many steps this week, but pretty much had a week of rest. 

I didn't over-eat and only managed to lose 0.5 lbs.

Health Overview
Blood pressure was OK at the start of the week, was dreadful again on Tuesday and Wednesday and much, much better again from Thursday to Sunday.

I lost 0.5 lbs this week and ended the week at 181.0 lbs

Preparation This Week 

Not much in the way of meaningful prep this week.  I only managed to exceed 6,000 steps on Sunday - mainly from dancing at the Casino!  

It kind of feels like I'm treading water. 

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