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Week 6: Crashed!
Written by Tina Sibley in February 2019

Oh my!  I crashed and burned this week!

I felt really unwell when I woke up on Monday and turned my back on all my training this week.

I didn't want to write about my progress and while I picked myself up again and got on with some training, I didn't want to write about it for another 6 weeks or so!

So the next few weeks are weekly round-ups, written retrospectively!  

Round up of The Week

When I woke on Monday, I felt a lethargy that I can't describe.  My body was tired, my spirit was tired and I felt like quitting.  

My work suffered and even dancing didn't lift my spirits the early part of the week.  In fact, I remember leaving my favourite dance lesson on Tuesday in tears. I was just so exhausted and down in spirits. 

I developed a sore rash around my eyes (which is only just starting to disappear as I write this on 21st March! Edit - still got it on 22nd April) and I was a bit of a grump!

I had an amazing weekend to look forward to.  A special dance event in Cadiz that I'd been wanting to attend for years.  

I travelled to Cadiz on Thursday and this helped lift me, although I didn't really get to my usual self.  I did lots of walking around the waterfront and really enjoyed it - it was a beautiful day.  And then danced a lot Thursday night - until the small hours. 

On Friday, I needed to rest and spent most of the day asleep or resting - so my steps were all achieved through dancing.  

Saturday, I attended 5 hours of workshops from 11am until 4pm and they were amazing, but then I needed to rest again and missed the early evening workshops so I would be up for the party that started around midnight. 

My spirits were better by the end of the week, although the weekend really tired me out. 

Health Overview
Blood pressure was OK on Monday, but was really bad on Tuesday and Wednesday - higher than it's been in ages!  I didn't record it while I was in Cadiz. 

I lost 2 lbs this week and ended the week at 181.5 lbs

Preparation This Week 

I somehow managed 10,214 steps on Monday, only 3,982 on Tuesday and a pathetic 2,204 on Wednesday. 

Then, because of my trip to Cadiz, I did 19,349 on Thursday, 11,284 on Friday, 15,044 on Saturday and 10,458 on Sunday.

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