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Week 5 - Making Progress
Written by Tina Sibley in January/February 2019

As a new week begins, I'm starting to feel like I'm making progress.  My weight has dropped around 5lbs since I started and I'm feeling stronger. 

Monday 28th January

Another really good Monday.

Today I did my complete morning routine of meditation, stretching and yoga and also did a lower body and abs circuit workout.  It was the same one that killed me last time, so let's see how I am tomorrow.  I didn't push it as hard as before, so hopefully I will still be able to walk tomorrow and not be out of action for 3 days like the last time I attempted it.  I did feel wobbly in my legs and tummy afterwards though. 

Also been productive with work and stuff too. 

The day finished with dancing and by the time I got back, I felt really, really good.  My legs felt really strong and I felt full of energy. 

Tuesday 29th January

I was SO happy this morning to get up and realise that I wasn't in agony from my workout yesterday!  In fact, although I could feel that I'd been working out, I wasn't really sore at all.  (Maybe I didn't work hard enough this time?!)

I completed my meditation, yoga and stretching and also did an upper body and abs circuit workout.  

I'm fasting today - properly fasting rather than playing at it, so have been feeling tired, cold and hungry.  

This fasting isn't NO food, but reducing to between 500 and 600 calories for the day.  I will be nearer 600 but that works for me.  

The thing I'm happiest about right now, is that I seem to have got my mindset in the right place at last.  I don't know when it changed, but I think it's been gradual over the past week or so.  It's been well over a week to 10 days since I last had any biscuits or a full bar of chocolate.  

Dancing later which is always good

Only completed 4,806 steps today but I'm not going to get too hung up on the steps every day as long as I do my yoga and a workout.  

I did really well on the fasting.....   until.....  I went dancing.  Totally out of habit and without even thinking what I was doing, I ate almost half a packet of mints.  I do this so my breath is fresh when I'm dancing - although there's probably no need as I clean my teeth before I go LOL.  Also, when I can't immediately access my water bottle, mints help quench my thirst.  So I need to make sure I'm hydrated enough before I start so I don't need them.  


Wednesday 30th January

In the past, the day after fasting, I've dropped as much as 3lb.  So I was disappointed this morning only to have dropped 3/4 of a lb.  Did those mints really make that much difference?  Ah well.  I'm also telling myself that because of my workouts and walking, I'm probably starting to add some muscle - well, the thought keeps me encouraged anyway!!  

Today is a designated rest day, and I can't believe it but I seem to be getting another damn cold!  A frustrating day as no wifi or phone signal either.  

Only 3,253 steps today, but not worried as today is rest on purpose.  

On the upside - today I connected with a lot of people who want to hike on days other than Sundays.  And at a gentler pace than the hiking group that go on Sundays.  That has made me SO happy!  I've even arranged to go hiking with a couple of them tomorrow. :-D  Even better, some of them are working on preparing for hiking challenges and two of them are doing the Inca Trail in June.  This is going to be brilliant!

I actually feel really, really happy today.  Making new friends in the dancing circles and now for hiking too.  

Thursday 31st January

A great hike today!  A perfect first hike - around 9km with some elevation but not too much.  The perfect distance, pace and amount of up and down for my first.  We finished the walk in about 2 1/2 hours which is faster than I would have thought for 9km.  :-)  At the end, I felt tired but that I could have gone on longer.  A good feeling.  

Then I went dancing in the evening, which helped keep me loosened up. 

Completed 16,712 steps over 20 floors.  Wow!  Must have been more elevation than it appeared!  

Friday 1st February

Feeling tired today but on the good side, the sneezing seems to have abated!  I have a busy weekend and don't want to wipe myself out, so made the conscious decision to have another rest day today, apart from dancing this evening - a lesson then a party night.  

Over the weekend, I will be hiking again Saturday and dancing again Saturday night.  

Another fast day today.  

This afternoon has been really difficult - the tiredness seems to have taken hold and my mood has dropped.  Feeling hungry and feeling the cold - but so far staying strong.  

Saturday 2nd February

A great day today with a lovely hike with new hiking buddies.  It was so lovely to find some new friends to walk with.  The hike around the Alcaidesa coast turned out to be fabulous - great scenery and fairly easy going.  A distance of about 8.5km

I got the opportunity to test how I'm doing with heights as there was a large rock with a drop the other side of it.  I got up there, although I have to say I didn't feel comfortable.  But I intend to keep on pushing myself with this. 

Then went out dancing in the evening. 

Total steps:  11,320

Sunday 3rd February

Lots of dancing last night that spilled over into the early hours of today!  So a large portion of today's steps was from dancing last night!

A fairly easy day today otherwise.

Total steps:  10,254 

Health Overview
A good week health wise - my blood pressure was pretty good most of the week and I lost 4 lbs - YAY!  Weight at the end of the week 183.5 lbs so I'm very happy with that. 

Preparation This Week 

Lots of great preparation work - with yoga, workouts and hiking! 

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