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Week 4 - The Struggle is Real
Written by Tina Sibley in January 2019

This was a weird week!  Life kind of got in the way and I got really busy - too busy to even record my efforts as I went along.  It just goes to show that breaking old habits is a real struggle.

However - I'm pretty pleased overall with the way the week panned out.  

Monday 21st January

Today was a good day - Mondays seem to be good days for me.  Must be the 'start of the week' mindset and I do have a rest on Sundays, with the exception of my dancing on Sunday evenings.  

A great dance on Sunday puts me in a great frame of mind and gets the week off to a good start.

I did a circuits workout of upper body but didn't overdo it and went for a shortish walk.  Together with the dancing, I achieved 7393 steps, so over my target of 6,000.

Tuesday 22nd January

Today was 'one of those' days when life gets in the way.  So I didn't end up doing my yoga, or stretching or workout as planned.  Car troubles took over and I needed to get it fixed, which took up a large portion of my day today. 

However, I still went dancing and still managed to achieve 6031 steps.

Still good.  

I also had a really great EFT session around my fear of heights.  When I explored why I was doing the Inca Trail and imagined myself getting to and walking through the Sun Gate, I had an incredibly powerful emotional reaction.  This is for me - I really want to do this and am choosing to tackle my fears.  

Wednesday 23rd January

I am going to be honest, I really can't remember what happened today!!  I only did 1885 steps today though.  

Thursday 24th January

Another really good day today.  

Today I met up with a friend and we parked up on the Spanish side of the border and walked into Gibraltar - and we did LOTS of walking. 

Then I came back and went dancing.

Total of 16,780 steps.  

Friday 25th January

I was tired today, but still did some walking and went dancing.

I achieved 5,203 steps - shame I didn't hit the 6,000 target.

Saturday 26th January

Another really good day.  I decided to tackle the hill to the top of Alcaidesa again and did it in a faster time than last time.  40 minutes instead of 45.  

I have to say, I didn't feel as good as the last time I did it - I could feel I was working and it felt difficult in parts.  But the good news is that I didn't crash and burn afterwards. 

I also went dancing Saturday night and felt absolutely great.

Total steps - 11,671 and climbed 26 floors!

Really pleased with today's efforts

Sunday 26th January

A planned rest day today - I think I earned it after this week.  

Even though I didn't do as much yoga or circuits as planned, I was still really active and did lots of walking.  

With the dancing Saturday after midnight and the dancing at the Casino on Sunday evening I still managed to do 10,197 steps - even though today was a rest day :-) 

The great thing about dancing is that I'm active, but it still feels like rest :-) 

Health Overview
Blood pressure looking good again - a couple of high-ish days when I measured it right before taking my medication.  It is really, really good when I measure it just after taking medication. 
Back to full health now after my cold. 
Lost 2.25lb this week - weight at the end of the week 187.5 lbs so I'm happy with that

Preparation This Week 

Although I still haven't got into my stride yet with the yoga and with the circuits, I've been much more active.

The important thing is that I seem to have got my mindset in the right place again.  I'm feeling much more determined and connected with this mission. 
Because of that, I haven't had a pig-out this week - YAY!  I've been pretty good with my eating and what treats I've had have been planned.  

I think I'm now in the right place to start properly with the intermittent fasting so will give that a go next week. 

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