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Week 30 Second Leg - Kent
Written by Tina Sibley in July 2019

The second leg of my journey takes me from Plymouth to Tenterden in Kent.

Some time to recover from my crazy week last week, spend time with more family and catch up with some work. 

Monday 22nd July

Needed a lie in this morning to recover from the crazy weekend!

Then it was a crazy afternoon and evening again, rushing around from one place to the next, catching up with family and friends again.

The evening was a friend's birthday celebration - so it was out for yet another meal :-O  Seriously scared of the scales now!!

Tuesday 23rd July

A BIG hike day today!

Today I met up with another friend and we hiked across Dartmoor from Ivybridge to Plymouth. 

We clocked 25 Kms and I was really pleased with how I did, since my hiking has been sporadic the last few weeks.  I felt fine - although a little tired towards the end, which is to be expected.  

My biggest problem is that I was seriously attacked by horse-flies!  They are some of the nastiest creatures on the planet and I couldn't get them off me.  I counted 25 bites in all on my neck, chest and arms.  Thankfully, I was wearing long hiking trousers.  

Then we had a well earned drink and toasted sandwich at the pub!  Fabulous!

In the evening, I met up with friends again for more jollifications!  An early night though as I was very tired!

Wednesday 24th July

I can't believe that a week has flown by already!

Today was a 'meet-ups' afternoon on The Hoe where I caught up with some of the friends I hadn't managed to see so far.  And I met some lovely virtual friends for the first time in person as well.  

Then it was packing - before a last night out with my besties.   

Thursday 25th July

Today was the journey from Plymouth to Kent.  

And what a journey it was!  The train was on time leaving Plymouth at 12 noon but we arrived in Paddington 45 minutes late, so I missed my connection.

And the HEAT!!  London measured 39C - melting!  I got off a nice, air-conditioned train at Paddington into an oven.  And the tube from Paddington to Charing Cross was unbearable - no air at all.  Delays meant that I was well over an hour late by the time I got to Tenterden.  

Had a nice meal cooked for me by my sister and then spent a lovely evening catching up.

Hot and tired - but happy!

Friday 26th July

Very little sleep last night due to the heat and thunderstorms, but had a nice lie in and was pleasantly surprised when I jumped on the scales to see that I only put on 1.5 lbs during my time in Plymouth!  Yay!  Then more time catching up and attempting to do some work.  But my laptop died, so I spent some time researching and shopping online for a new one.

Then we went out for a hike.  Not too far as the weather was still looking a bit dodgy - but we did a respectable 10.5 kms at a reasonable pace. It felt good to keep my legs going, especially after the long hike on Tuesday.

Had a healthy roast veg meal and a quiet night in.

Saturday 27th July

Weight dropped again to smack on 11st this morning - yay!

Today has been a work catch up day. 

I had another lie-in and my shiny new laptop arrived mid-morning so I spent some time getting that set up.  It's awesome!  Just what I need for working while I travel.

Then an afternoon spent catching up on work as it was pouring with rain.

Sunday 28th July

Another meet up with a good friend today so another lunch out!  Got a worrying feeling going on in my throat and chest!  Now is NOT the time to go down with a cold or chest infection! :-O  Went for a short walk before dinner. 

Health Overview

Really happy to have got back on the scales and measure smack on 11st by Saturday morning.

Preparation This Week 

Steps:  No consistent recording of steps
2 hikes - one mega hike and one smallish hike.  

Happy with progress and how I'm feeling. 

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