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Week 3 - A Fresh Start
Written by Tina Sibley in January 2019

After starting all gung-ho and then crashing and burning last week, I'm starting this week much more sensibly.  I've realised that slow and steady wins the race and am focusing on getting the basics right first.  I do have a tendency to want to run before I can walk so my focus now is on flexibility and strength.  The good news here is that in addition to helping with my hiking, this is going to be great for my dancing. :-) 

Monday 14th January

A brilliant day today.

I did my meditation, stretching and yoga this morning - and I'm finding that the yoga is really pushing me.

I'm noticing that my natural posture is pretty rubbish and that just holding myself to be head over heart, heart over pelvis is a challenge!  I get tired in my back just holding this position!  

However, although it was a looooong time ago, I think my body remembers some of my old martial arts training, as I find the Warrior positions easier than the others - thank goodness SOMETHING doesn't feel totally alien!  

I still have a bit of a cough and am aware of tightness in my chest, so didn't go out walking today, but was generally more active and went dancing, so I achieved my steps target and did 6,260.  

I've realised that if I try to do mega numbers of steps every day, I won't have time for strength and flexibility, let alone work and everything else, so I'm letting go of the need to do more steps every day. 

I also had my first EFT session today to reduce the level of fear attached to some of my experiences with heights.  This is really interesting.  One of my experiences was around getting onto a cable car in Gibraltar years ago, and I had to walk across an elevated bridge, walk down some steps forcing me to look down and then step across a large gap to get into the cable car.  When I did this, I was so traumatised, I hyper-ventilated and when I finally got into the cable car, even though it was crowded, I buried my head in my then husband's chest and sobbed all the way back down the mountain!  I'm learning to look at this experience without re-living the fear. 

I'm also looking at pushing out of my comfort zones in other areas too.  Like joining new dance classes, even though I don't know anyone and can't even speak the language.  

Tuesday 15th January

Another great day!

Back to the walking today - as well as my stretching and yoga. 

Today I had a meeting with someone in Gibraltar, so instead of driving in (when I knew I was likely to get stuck at the border queue on my way out again), I parked on the Spanish side at the beach and walked in.  

I also decided to do some shopping which I had to carry back to the car in my backpack - good practice surely?!

Well, I did pretty well with the walking, although I did get tired carrying the weight and found the last part back to the car a struggle.  

And I was STARVING hungry by the time I got home!  On that note, I've been pretty good with my eating and haven't had any more blow-outs since the chocolate orange incident this time last week!  I haven't had biscuits for days, have only had a small amount of chocolate and feel pretty proud of myself! :-) 

I also went dancing which took my step total up to 17,753 - my highest in a very long time!  Let's hope I feel OK tomorrow! 

Wednesday 16th January

Yes, I'm tired today.  Yes that cough and tight chest is still lingering a bit, but I feel good.  I'm not the wreck I was after my exertion last week - so I'm counting that as progress! :-)  

But boy oh boy - did I feel it doing my yoga this morning!  My back was screaming at me - I still struggle with the nice straight back posture and today that was exaggerated by tense muscles from carrying the heavy backpack yesterday.  

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to being fit and strong and being able to do physical stuff without suffering afterwards! 

Despite being achy, I did a circuits workout on legs and abs this afternoon.  I've figured that to get fit by walking alone is going to  be way too time consuming, so I found a beginners circuit workout for strength.  It was only 18 minutes long and that was including the explanations, so I really went for it.  

Also went for a short walk up to the lighthouse track. 

Total steps 6897

Thursday 17th January

NOOOOOO!!!   I did it again!  That circuits workout was a step too far!  I couldn't move today.  Even walking hurt so much and I abandoned my stretching and yoga as it was too painful.  

I thought I would still attempt dancing but when I got there, I couldn't find the academy, so ended up going back home again and spending the rest of the night on the sofa watching Netflix!  And I gave in to the temptation to eat too many bad things! 

A paltry 2859 number of steps today :-( 

Friday 18th January

I'm not going to lie - today was a pretty rubbish day.  

I woke up hurting even more than yesterday and my mood was in my boots.  This just seems so much of a struggle.  I really need to pace myself and realise that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  

I achieved very little today - and that overspilled into all areas - work and everything.  It just goes to show how you feel really does affect everything. 

Even fewer steps - only 1710 steps.  Writing today off!  

Saturday 19th January

Beginning to drag myself out of my boots.  I still found it hard to get going, but decided to go dancing - that always gives me a lift. 

I managed to get into a more positive frame of mind and really enjoyed the dancing - although most of it was after midnight so counted towards tomorrow's steps total. 

Total steps still only 4477  

Sunday 20th January

A much better day - both mood wise and physically.  I had a great night dancing last night, but didn't get into bed until 4am and couldn't get to sleep until about 7am - so woke up very late. 

Then had a lovely bath, did some stretching and got my mindset back under control. 

Went out dancing again tonight and really had a great time - did lots of dancing and some very fast salsas - so getting the cardio going as well. 

Total steps (mainly from the two nights dancing) 12,079 - that's more like it.   

Health Overview
Blood pressure really good at the start of the week and then went up towards the end of the week. 

Cold getting better though.

Only lost 1lb this week - weight at the end of the week 189.75 lbs  

Preparation This Week 

Started off too enthusiastically again - although I THOUGHT I was getting it right - and I crashed and burned again.

Although at least I made it to Thursday before crashing - last week I crashed on Tuesday, so I guess I can call that progress??  

I really need to learn how to pace myself so I can build in consistency.  

A new week next week! 

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