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Week 29 First Leg - Dancing
Written by Tina Sibley in July 2019

This is it!  My big journey starts this week!

First leg is to Plymouth to visit family and friends and to participate in an all weekend Latin Dance Congress.

I can't wait!

Monday 15th July


I got on the scales this morning and they made me very happy indeed!  I finally broke through the 11st mark and they began with 10 something!  Yipeeeeeee!

OK - it was 10 st 13.75 lbs but that first figure was 10 for the first time in around 23 years!  I know realistically it's likely to go up again slightly - it always fluctuates back up after a drop, but I'm taking that! :-D 

Today was all about work, lots to do to prepare for our Freedom Summit that's happening while I'm away!

Also - washing, packing and getting my apartment fit for visitors.

No dancing this week - too busy! 

Tuesday 16th July

I knew it would fluctuate back up!  Despite fasting again yesterday, my weight went back up to 11st 1.5 lbs!!  That's the way it goes!

Another work focused day and finishing off my packing.  I actually got my big suitcase packed, closed up and ready for the off in the morning! 

Despite everything though, I managed to get some relaxing time in the sun and even a last little swim in the pool.  The weather, the view and the pool was so lovely, I even found myself a little sorry to be leaving it!! 

That said - the excitement for my trip is mounting. And I'm a little nervous, wondering if I've done enough to prepare.

Wednesday 17th July

Weight back down to 0 lbs - but I did hit the 10 mark before I left so I'm happy.

Today's the day!

The first of 13 flights!  From Gib to Heathrow and then the train to Plymouth.

Despite not being that far, it's still a long journey.  Left home at 09.30 and what with the usual train delays in the UK, I didn't get to Plymouth until gone 7pm!

That's over 10.5 hours - I can get across the Atlantic in that time!!  

As soon as I got settled in my Airbnb, I met up with a friend and we went out for a meal - no chance of losing anything this week!!

Thursday 18th July

Today was meeting friends and shopping!  Buying my clothes for the Amazon Jungle, which I was unable to get in Spain. 

Mission accomplished - and got all my bug spray too. 

Then it was out with friends again for another meal - and onto the pre-party that kicked off the dance weekend.

Friday 19th July

More shopping - and then met up with my lovely family for lunch.  It was so nice to spend time with them.  

Then the dance weekend began with an evening full of workshops and then partying until the small hours.  I was tired and wanted to have a good day on the Saturday, so I only stayed until about 2am - early by my usual standards!

But I got to dance with 2 of the mega-stars of the weekend :-D 

Saturday 20th July

Today was all about the dancing.  

I started with workshops at 12 noon and then attended several workshops all through the day, and then partied in the evening until 4am. 

Surely burnt off some of the mega calories from eating out??!!

Sunday 21st July

Another workshop at 12 noon followed by the famous Splish Splash Salsa party on Plymouth Hoe - dancing in the open air right next to the sea.  Wonderful.

Then back for a shower and more partying until midnight.  It was such a great evening. 

Health Overview

No scales to measure at the end of this week - thank goodness!!  After all the eating out, I'm afraid to get on them!!

However, although not done any circuits or hiking, I've done lots of walking this week and heaps and heaps of dancing. 

Preparation This Week 

Steps:  No consistent recording of steps
0 Circuits, 10+ hours dance lessons, 5 dance parties (Thurs, Fri, Saturday and 2 on Sunday!)
0 hikes - but lots of walking

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