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Week 28 - Countdown Begins
Written by Tina Sibley in July 2019

OMG!  Just over a week to go before I leave!  

I start my journey next week! 

And I STILL have SO much to do!  But I'm getting VERY excited! 

Monday 8th July

Feeling very, very frustrated and disillusioned this morning.  

Hurting after hiking all those steps yesterday and beginning to be scared that I've gone too far backwards. 

In addition, when I got on the scales this morning, after all that hiking yesterday and fasting AGAIN, the scales showed 11st 2.25 lbs - only 0.25 lb drop - and then I got on again after a cup of coffee and it went UP to 11st 2.75 lbs - really?  A cup of coffee puts on half a pound?  

I'm beginning to wonder what I have to do to get below the 11st mark and to the magic 10 something?!  

Very disheartened. 

But I HAVE to keep going.  

Didn't totally blow my healthy eating, but did have a mini ice cream and then a banana on toast treat with healthy, home-made choco nut spread and maple syrup.  

Dancing as usual.

Tuesday 9th July

Another heavy work day today with some interviews online and lots of preparation for a launch in September. 

My knees felt a lot better today, but my calves were hurting like crazy!  Worse than yesterday - could hardly walk when I got out of bed this morning! :-O 

Did some stretching and gentle walking and a loooong bubble bath!

Fasted again today.

Wednesday 10th July

Yet another heavy work day - SO much to do before I leave.

Way too hot for hiking but did some steps work in our stair tower - from the garage to the top floor.  Covered 400 steps - up then down again.  Then had a lovely relaxing bath.

And went dancing.

Thursday 11th July

Crazy day running around having more vaccination consultations and making appointments with doctor.  And left all my important paperwork, including my Yellow Fever certificate in a basket at SuperCor!! :-O   I have never driven back to a supermarket so fast in my life!!  But thankfully, I was able to retrieve my documents from them.  

I also had the most AMAZING sports massage.  I was still aching like crazy and felt really stiff in my shoulders, so I booked a massage and it was a real treat.  I only wish I had gone several times before!  I felt like a new woman and invincible when I came out! 

I was told not to work out but to rest for the rest of the day :-)

I did, however go to an open-air dance party, dancing under the moon and stars, which was great.

Friday 12th July

Another morning running around actually getting my vaccinations.  

But now, I'm all jabbed up and have my Typhoid tablets.  So the saga of the vaccinations is FINALLY coming to an end!!  

Expensive business too - spent around 300 Euros all told! 

Had an amazing evening dancing until gone 3am at Kaleu Beach Chiringuito - so that was my exercise for the day

Saturday 13th July

Today was a focus on work day.  Got stuck in and achieved a lot.  Then had a rare night in. 

Getting SO CLOSE to my target.  Weight now dropped to 11st 0.5 lb  

Fasted again. 

Sunday 14th July

Today I finally began to pack!  OMG - this is getting REAL!  

I was also need to do more exercise again, but it's got way too hot for hiking so once again did the steps in our tower.  This time x 10 so 800 steps.  

Also got some great dancing exercise as we went to Duende club in Estepona.  Then on the way back we called in to take a look at the Feria in La Linea.  OMG! The smells of the food stalls - but I managed to keep on walking past them! 

Weight frustrating - despite fasting yesterday, I managed to put 1lb back ON!  Scales measured 11 st 1.5 lb.  I know you shouldn't be a slave to the scales, but wanting to break that 11st mark, I can't help it!!

Health Overview

Weight on Sunday dropped only one pound to 11st 1.5 lbs  -  155.5lbs  Still very slow and frustrating!  

Preparation This Week 

Steps:  I haven't recorded my steps - just too busy and was too hot to wear my watch all the time.
0 Circuits, 2 hours dance lessons, 3 dance parties.
0 hikes 

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