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Week 26 - Work Week
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2019

Oh My Goodness!  I can't believe that it's now 6 months since I first booked my trip to Machu Picchu!  And I leave for the UK in just over 2 weeks - and then leave for my trip in just over a month!  Where has the time gone?!

Lots of catch up on work this week.  A productive week, so all good. 

I also had to wait in for the delivery of my new SIM card so unable to get out walking.

However, I did my first circuits since before Jebel Musa! 

Monday 24th June

A quiet day again with the focus on catching up with work and running personal errands.  

Went dancing

Tuesday 25th June

Focusing on work again today. Went to the garage about my petrol cap door and had 2.5 hours to kill while waiting for it to be done. Spent a fortune on hiking gear in Decathlon!  Starting to think about my packing now and this is getting very exciting!  

No dancing due to academy hols.

Wednesday 26th June

Did some circuit training - getting my motivation back at last!

Work focus again with some client appointments.

Dancing this evening.

Thursday 27th June

Had to stay in today in case my SIM arrived.  It didn't - but spent the entire day working - client meeting and organising.  Got engrossed, so didn't do any circuits today. 

Friday 28th June

Scales showed 11 st 5.75 lbs this morning!  Yay!  The first time it's been this low in nearly 3 years!  And broken the 160 lb mark - now 159.75 lbs! Very happy!

Again had to stay in just in case my new UK SIM arrived.  

Spent the day focusing on work - getting lots achieved this week.  Although getting my Spanish SIM is proving to be a nightmare - not sure if it's going to happen. 

I also managed to finally book an appointment for the remainder of my jabs at the vaccination clinic in Algeciras. 

Went dancing to Siboney but it was very quiet.

Saturday 29th June

Once again had to stay in hoping for my SIM :-( And it STILL didn't arrive.  Spent the day doing household chores and working.  

Went dancing again to Siboney - more people, so had more dances.

Sunday 30th June

YES! YES! YES!!!!!  Got on the scales this morning and it dropped to 11st 3.5 lbs - that's the first time I've hit my lowest weight that I got to when I left Aberdeen.  So I've equalled my lowest in around 20 years!!  

Very happy with that.  

A quiet day though, still doing work and personal errands.  I'm realising just how much I have to do before I go!! :-O 

Went to lesson and party at Duende in Estepona and had a great night so at least got moving. 

Health Overview

Yet another fairly quiet week in terms of physical preparation, but very happy with my weight loss this week! :-)  A milestone achieved! 

Weight on Sunday dropped to 11st 3.5 lbs  -  157.5lbs so down by 2.75 lbs

Preparation This Week 

Monday 7,008
Tuesday 6,835
Wednesday 4,898
Thursday 1,666
Friday 3,042
Saturday 5,857
Sunday - 7,255
1 Circuits, 3 hours dance lessons, 3 dance parties.
0 hike 

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