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Week 25 - Yellow Fever Jab
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2019

Yikes!  I only have a month left before I leave - so this week I thought it was time to finally sort out my jabs!  

I had got my act together a couple of weeks ago to make the appointment and have to confess, jabs are something I'm a bit of a wimp about so wasn't looking forward to them. 

I also realised I have to start focusing on work, which I've let slide a bit lately.

I've been struggling with my motivation again this week, so didn't do any circuits and didn't even bother recording my steps again.  But my eating was back on track and my weight dropped by 2 lbs! 

Monday 17th June

A quiet day again with the focus on personal admin and putting together my travel itinerary and ensuring everything is in place.  Looking at my photos from last night's dancing at Kaleu beach, I'm pleased with how I'm looking now - still a way to go but I can see how far I've come! :-)  

Went dancing.

Tuesday 18th June

Focusing on work today. No dancing due to academy hols.

Wednesday 19th June

Optician appointment today and happy that, while not yet totally cleared up, my eyes finally seem to be on the mend.  Partly due to wearing my new glasses more and my contacts less, plus the result of having drops from the doctor.  Fingers crossed. 

Dancing this evening.

Thursday 20th June

Travel consulation day!  I wasn't sure if we would just discuss everything and if I would have to make another appointment for the actual jabs but I ended up having the Yellow Fever jab there and then!

It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting - it was over before I knew it.  Although my arm did ache afterwards.

I was advised to rest for the remainder of the day due to it being a live vaccine - so no dancing. 

I still need other jabs, but they didn't have them at the clinic and I was advised to get them in the UK.

Friday 21st June

I did not want to get out of bed today!  I just could NOT get myself moving.  Then I realised it was probably the side effect of my vaccination, so I pretty much did nothing and slept most of the day!!  

We had an end of year meal and after party for one of my dance groups.  If I'm honest, the way I was feeling, I didn't want to go.  Even after a shower, I still felt wiped out.  

Once I got there though, after having eaten, I perked up a bit and the dancing was so wonderful that it energised me and I started to feel human again.  I probably had the best night of dancing for a very long while and thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Saturday 22nd June

Had a lazy day as still tired from my jab and a very late night dancing - around 5am before I got to bed again!  

Still trying to get my SIM cards organised.  My UK card still isn't working and I'm hitting a brick wall trying to get a Spanish one!

Went to a BBQ with the Sunny Walkers, so no dancing - but instead of eating at the BBQ I was good and ate healthily at home before I went.

Sunday 23rd June

Another lazy day - my motivation still seems to have deserted me!  Had a great evening though, celebrating the festival of San Juan (mid summer) on the beach here in Alcaidesa.  Not a good idea to drive anywhere for dancing because of the festivals. 

Fab reading of the scales this morning though!  11 st 6.25 lbs - my first time below the 11 and a half mark!  

Health Overview

Another very quiet week in terms of physical activity, but glad to have finally got the Yellow Fever jab out of the way. 

Weight on Sunday dropped to 11st 6.25 lbs  -  160.25lbs so down by 2 lbs

Preparation This Week 

Monday 3,715
Tuesday 5,616
Wednesday 17,656
Thursday 18,713
Friday 2,973
Saturday 3,271
Sunday 6,042
0 Circuits, 2 hours dance lessons, 1 dance party.
0 hike

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