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Week 24 - Rubish Week
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2019

This was a really horrible week!

It was one of those weeks where everything seemed to go wrong! 

And I confess I let it get to me!

No meaningful photos this week - so posting last weekend's dance pics instead!

Monday 10th June

The day after the weekend of dancing and I was feeling very, very tired.  

I was also realising that it was going to be a nightmare without my phone and very time consuming getting everything sorted out.  

I could see from apps that my phone had moved to somewhere in Algeciras, so went to the police station to report it stolen so I could claim for a new one.  

Still went dancing

Tuesday 11th June

Most of the day was spent trying to sort out new SIM and dealing with paperwork.  Then I was told my phone might have been found. 

Went to dance academy, but alas my phone hadn't been handed in.  Confused and frustrated. 

Wednesday 12th June

After Spanish lesson today, I went flying in the street and really, really hurt myself!  I landed on my knees, bruising them and grazing them badly.  I still managed to go dancing, and we had a 2 hour lesson, but I was in a lot of pain.  

Thursday 13th June

Today everything got to me.  Still no word my phone so decided to go and buy a new one and keep my fingers crossed that the insurance company would stump up.  The pain in my legs was horrible today, so I didn't go dancing and it all went a bit pear shaped.  I ended up buying and scoffing lots of chocolate!!  And ate 2 desserts! 

Tired, grumpy and totally lacking in motivation and positive energy. 

Friday 14th June

And now I get the message that my phone has been handed in after all - AFTER I just spent £750 on a new one!  And beyond when I can take the new one back!  So deciding to get a Spanish SIM for one phone and keep my UK contract on the other.  Went to collect my car from the workshop (following it's repair after the accident) and get a SIM.  Attempting to get my focus back.  

No dancing as planned an early morning hike tomorrow.

Saturday 15th June

Another day that went pear shaped!!  Got up at 6.45am to go hiking but when I went to put fuel in my car, the door to the fuel tank wouldn't open.  To cut a long story short, the hike had to be abandoned and I spent another frustrating day trying to sort stuff out.  ~

Went dancing in the evening and was promised they would bring my phone for me.  Nope! Didn't happen.  And the dancing wasn't great as there were no guys.  

Really not my week!!

Sunday 16th June

Finally was able to go and collect my phone!  Yippee!  But now the SIM isn't working! 

However, had a great night dancing at Kaleu Beach Chiringuito in La Linea so at least the week finally ended on a high.  

Health Overview

A rubbish week in terms of physical activity, and the slow weight loss reflects that.  Also - losing it in terms of mindset!

Weight on Saturday was 11st 8.25 lbs  -  162.25 lbs so only down by 1.25 lbs from 2 weeks ago - slow but still in the right direction. 

Preparation This Week 

Steps:  Not recorded this week.  I just couldn't be bothered!

0 Circuits, 4 hours dance lessons, 2 dance parties. 
1 hike

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