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Week 23 - Goat Hike and Dancing
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2019

A good week activity wise with lots of walking!  AND including a Sunny Walkers Hike!

Then topped the week of with a weekend dance event, so loads of activity this week - although giving the circuits a rest. 

Monday 3rd June

Another well deserved (in my opinion) rest day today.  Feeling rather proud of myself for yesterday.  No dancing as usual this evening as teacher on holiday.

Tuesday 4th June

Lots of errands to run today, including taking my car to the garage - so didn't have the time or motivation to do any circuits.   Dancing in the evening, so still managed to achieve my step target though.  

Wednesday 5th June

This was a really key day for me!

There was no dancing again this evening, but the Sunny Walkers had an evening hike (they called it the goat hike) scheduled up Sierra Carbonera, so I decided to take part.  This was a big deal for me because the Sunny Walkers are mega serious and usually hike far and fast - too much so for me to join them usually.  

I decided to give this a go because I'm familiar with Sierra Carbonera now, so could always drop out and do my own thing if necessary. 

Much to my delight, I kept up with them really well - I wasn't even last, but pretty much towards the front of the group most of the time!  I set myself the challenge to go as fast as I could and keep up - and I was so pleased I achieved it.  A huge psychological achievement for me.  And I really enjoyed the hike and the amazing night-time views.  

Thursday 6th June

Lots of walking again today, as I had to go into Gib to run some errands and book an appointment for my vaccinations.  Not keeping up with the circuits, buts still happy with my activity. 

Friday 7th June

Once again, lots of walking as I went to Gib to join a fun dolphin boat trip with Random Fun Adventures!  The boat trip was great and we saw lots of dolphins!

After the boat trip, I went for a walk to the park in Gib as I didn't want to kill 3 hours drinking water (and there were a lot of smokers at the pub).

Then had the most amazing evening of dancing as one of my favourite teachers, Ivan, was at the party - and I got a great video of me dancing with him (which has helped me gain a place on a very special VIP masterclass in Plymouth in July). 

So lots of activity again today. 

Saturday 8th June

A day of dancing - lots of workshops all day at a dance festival in Los Barrios!  

Then a wonderful evening with a friend - although I confess to eating out and devouring a huge meal - with Tirimasu for dessert!  And wine! But I enjoyed every single bit of it - so I'm not going to beat myself up.  My treat for doing so well recently! :-) 

And then, of course lots of dancing at the party afterwards - until just after 4am!!

Sunday 9th June


I lost my phone!  

When I got back to the hotel after the party, I realised I didn't have my phone.  I was without it all day and felt bereft. 

Still a good day though with lots of dancing during the afternoon.  But no record of how many steps I did as I wasn't wearing my gear today. 

Health Overview

A great week in terms of physical activity, with lots of walking and dancing

No idea of the weight at the end of the week as I didn't get on the scales due to being away for the weekend.  Pretty sure it dropped by the Saturday then went up again after the weekend!

Preparation This Week 

Monday 2,691
Tuesday 6,287
Wednesday 30,269
Thursday 17,893
Friday 12,918
Saturday 11,830
Sunday - not recorded
0 Circuits, 5 hours dance lessons, 3 dance parties. 
1 hike plus lots of walking

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