Overcoming Fear of Heights
Caminito Del Rey
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Week 22 - Caminito Del Rey
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2019

This was another BIG week!

The Caminito Del Rey is a trail that is perched along the side of a cliff, with massive drops beneath it - a sure test for how I'm doing with my fear of heights!

Otherwise, in terms of hiking, it was a fairly quiet week as I rested after my trip up Jebel Musa on Saturday.

Monday 27th May

The excursion to Morocco and the hike up Jebel Musa were still giving me a high, but today was a well earned rest day!

Just dancing in the evening.

Tuesday 28th May

Another day of taking it fairly easy - although I still managed my steps target and danced for 2 hours during the evening. 

Feeling really great! :-) 

Wednesday 29th May

A really busy day for work today - I'm realising that I need to catch up on work after all the hiking lately - so no exercise today apart from dancing. 

Thursday 30th May

Still having to focus on work and personal errands.  Optician appointment in Gib so walked over from the fort, which was at least some exercise. And, of course, dancing in the evening. 

Friday 31st May

More focus on work - I confess the need to exercise has dwindled now since I achieved what I wanted to with Jebel Musa and the Inca Trail still seems so far away.  Danced at Cafe Central in Algeciras - which was great. 

Saturday 1st June

Another quiet day as I catch up with personal and work stuff and prepare for my big day tomorrow.  Also - a night in from dancing due to my early start.

Sunday 2nd June

The big test today!  I had thought that as this day approached, I would start to feel some anxiety about the heights.  Much to my amazement, the anxiety never showed itself!  Not once.  Not before, nor during the event - which was absolutely great!

I simply felt excited!  I can't quite believe how well the EFT and self work has actually worked!  I didn't have to be brave at all - the fear was absent!  Yippee!

It was an amazing day and the camino was spectacular - especially going over the bridge that crosses the gorge at the end.  I kept on looking over the edge to test how I was feeling and I felt great the whole time.  I was even feeling fine on the glass floor!  OK - maybe a tiny, weeny bit alert going over the bridge because it was so windy - but I think that was more about not wanting to lose my phone over the edge than for actually falling.  

Totally AMAZING! 

Fear of heights - gone!! 

Health Overview

A quiet week in terms of physical activity, but a monumental week in terms of mental strength.  Very pleased. 

Weight on Saturday was 11st 9.5 lbs  -  163.5lbs so down by 2.25 lbs

Preparation This Week 

Monday 3,713
Tuesday 6,856
Wednesday 3,689
Thursday 9,840
Friday 3,649
Saturday 6,730
Sunday 14,640
0 Circuits, 35hours dance lessons, 1 dance party. 
1 hike

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