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Week 20 Getting Stronger
Written by Tina Sibley in May 2019

What a great week!  I had visitors again, so it was out of my routine, but I got lots of walking in and I felt great.

Monday 13th May

Completed my arms circuits and got in a healthy-ish 7,925 steps.  Otherwise nothing much to report today. 

Tuesday 14th May

Went to explore Gibraltar with my visitors so got in a healthy 18,096 steps and I also did a legs circuit training as well.  The best thing I'm noticing is that I'm starting to feel really strong.  And I'm loving it!

Wednesday 14th May

Work day and pretty much chained to my desk all day.  Also, a planned rest from the circuits.  So not much to tell. 

Thursday 15th May

Went to Ronda and again walked a respectable 12,816 steps - including some uphill so achieved 17 floors.  

Friday 17th May

Today we visited Cadiz, so again walked a healthy 14,727 steps.  The best thing I'm noticing is that my natural walking pace is faster now and I'm not getting tired after a long-ish walk.  And what I used to consider long now seems short!  So that's got to be good!  It also means I can enjoy a day out more :-)

Saturday 18th May

Today was a bit frustrating!  I wanted to hike for longer and get some elevation in today so I went on my own to hike up Sierra Carbonera again.  But when I got to the path I wanted to take, there were a lot of cows with very long and sharp looking horns - so I went in the opposite direction.  Sadly, my path kept getting overgrown and I wasn't going up.  A few attempts to go up ended with me in the middle of bushes with no way through them - and I almost got lost until I found my way back by re-tracing my steps on Wikiloc.  Finally, my path ran out, so I had to turn around and head for home.  I would have taken my original path - but the cows were still there, so I cut my hike short. 

I still managed 12,776 steps and 55 floors but I wanted to do more.  Although the fact that I wanted to do more is a good sign in itself. 

Sunday 19th May

Today we went to Castillo del Castellar and I clocked 11,235 steps.  It was a lovely day and the views were fantastic.  Once again, I was walking very comfortably up the hills while my visitors needed some rests.  This is a new experience for me - my visitors always used to have to wait for me.  One of my visitors was recovering from an operation though so did really well.   

Health Overview
I'm feeling so much stronger and fitter now!  It's nice to be able to walk a fair way day after day without getting tired.
Weight has been frustrating!  Down then up then back down, back up and back down - currently back to the 12st 0.75 lb that I was last week. 
Blood pressure seems to be consistent, although I'm not recording it daily.
I'm very happy with my progress this week. 

Preparation This Week 

Monday 7,925
Tuesday 18,096
Wednesday 1716
Thursday 12,816  up 17 floors
Friday 14,727
Saturday 12,776 up 55 floors
Sunday 11,235
2 Circuits, 0 hours dance lessons, dance party Sunday.
1 hike

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