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Week 18:  Frustration
Written by Tina Sibley in May 2019

Aaargh!  I recognised that I started to go downhill while I was out Sunday evening and during the night, I started showing the symptoms of a cold!  Blocked nose and couldn't breathe, coughing and didn't get much sleep. 

So I felt pretty rubbish.  Massively frustrating, when I am trying so hard to keep on improving my fitness levels. 

Monday 29th April

After only getting a couple of hours of sleep, I woke feeling pretty wretched - and very frustrated.  

Pretty much took the day off, as Mondays are my rest days anyway, although I did perk up enough to go to Bachata class in the evening. 

Tuesday 30th April

I was determined not to let my cold take over.  I bugged out of circuits though but did make it to 2 hours of Bachata lessons. 

Wednesday 1st May

I went to the Feria in Fuengirola with the Al Son Cubero dance school.  It was an incredible festival featuring countries from all around the world.  It was interesting and there was a fun atmosphere - but WAY too many people.  After a while, it became impossible to get into any of the 'casetas' and impossible to walk down the avenue without squeezing through crowds.

On the down side, where I had been really good with my eating - this went out of the window.  Falling in with the others, I ate when I didn't really need or want to and of course, what was on offer was pretty unhealthy.  To top it off, I had a shandy and an ice-cream at the beach!  But then, I guess a treat now and then isn't the end of the world.  

On the upside, did lots of walking. 

Thursday 2nd May

Despite still feeling the effects of my cold, and being tired from yesterday's outing, I went up the Med Steps again and really pushed myself. 

This time, I walked all the way from the fort in La Linea as I needed to go to various places in town.  So instead of getting the bus to the start point, I walked and had already put in a lot of hard work by the time we got to the foot of the steps.  

My walking companion, Val, was also feeling very tired today.  Because of this, we scheduled in a 15 minute break to enjoy the view from the caves and have a drink and a snack.  

It felt so hard and slow going!  It seemed like every step was a struggle and I put all thoughts of a fast time out of my head.  

Much to my surprise and delight - we still made a really good time.  Total time from start to finish was 1 hr and 22 minutes.  Taking off the 15 minutes break we had (which was well-deserved because of the walk already done to that point!), then the actual walking time was only 1hr and 7 minutes - 3 minutes faster than last time!  

I was So happy with that! 

Went to Bachata lessons 

Friday 3rd May

Crashed and burned!  I did it again didn't I?  I pushed too hard yesterday.

What with fighting a cold, the long day on Wednesday and then pushing myself up the steps yesterday, my body caved in today.  

I did pretty much nothing but sleep all day!  I didn't even go to Kizomba class or to a dance party.  I did force myself out to go and buy some flowers for the terrace, but that wiped me out even more. 

Saturday 4th May

Still crashed - pretty much gave in again and rested all day.  Stayed in and didn't go dancing. 

Sunday 5th May

Still needed to rest today, but perked up a little.  Potted up my flowers, cleaned the terrace and then went dancing.  Feeling more like myself by the end of the day.  I think the rest over the weekend was very much needed. 

Health Overview
Weight has dropped a tiny amount - 171.75 lbs   Man this feels so slow!
Blood pressure still stable.
Feeling better by the end of the week.

Preparation This Week 

Monday 4467
Tuesday 6092
Wednesday 16,100
Thursday 30,149  up 71 floors
Friday 2,202
Saturday 1,272
Sunday 9,299
0 Circuits, 5 hours dance lessons, dance party Sunday.

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