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Week 17: Bad Start Great End
Written by Tina Sibley in May 2019

I was on a high after the great previous week and especially since my hike up Valdevaqueros on Saturday and my great time up Alcaidesa hill on Sunday. 

Then life got in the way!!  But I recovered by the end of the week for some more great hiking. 

Monday 22nd April

Today was a planned rest day after my very active weekend.  

My mind became a bit pre-occupied with the fact that I was unable to access the 'My Documents' folder on my external hard drive.  The place where all my work over the last 18 months lives! :-O  

I'd been trying to open it since Friday and had some suggestions over the weekend, but no luck.  So I arranged to take it to the PC repair shop tomorrow. 

I went dancing to keep moving.

Tuesday 23rd April

I was on the way to the PC repair shop in Gibraltar (I decided my Spanish wasn't up to explaining my problems so headed for the English option!)

While driving towards the border in La Linea, I stopped at a pedestrian crossing to let someone cross the road - but unfortunately the driver behind me didn't stop and smacked into me.

It was an almighty bang, I hit my head on the headrest and my car shot forward onto the crossing.  Although in the grand scheme of things, it was a very minor accident, it was still one hell of a shock!

My Spanish deserted me completely - but to cut a long story short, the police arrived, confirmed the blame was with the other driver and helped me complete all the paperwork (they were SO nice!)

Because I was shaken, I gave up on my trip into Gib (the PC shop would have closed by the time we were done anyway) and went home. 

Ordinarily - this event would have sent me straight to the chocolates and into gorge mode!  And I had chocolate at home, but kept in control.  I did have a tiny shot of Kahlua in my coffee, but decided I didn't need to stuff myself with chocolate in consolation.  I was very proud of this!  

I went dancing that night to keep moving in case I stiffened up with the whiplash. 

Wednesday 24th April

Mercifully, I didn't suffer any ill effects in my back or neck from the crash, but man I was tired.  I think the adrenaline spike and then drop had an effect on me and I didn't feel at all like doing any circuits and I was even too tired to go dancing. 

Thursday 25th April

Still no stiffness, which I was totally surprised about but very thankful. 

However, I was still bone-tired.  I had to run all the errands that I should have done Tuesday and Wednesday.  No circuits or dancing again today.  It's totally unheard of for me to miss 2 nights dancing in a row!  But that's how tired I was. 

Friday 26th April

I felt much better today!  I went up the Med Steps again in Gib and smashed my previous time!

Previously, it took around an hour and 40 minutes - I didn't time it faithfully last time.  This time, I didn't stop and have a 'proper' break at all - just lots of mini ones.  And we completed it in just 1 hour and 10 minutes.  And I felt strong all the way - yes, tired at times, but none of the effects that I had on my first attempt.  27,319 steps over 105 floors!

On this hike, I also ventured onto the Skywalk - the glass bottomed walk at the top of the Rock!  I felt surprisingly OK - a little nervous, but previously there was no way I would have gone near it!  I also very comfortably stood right next to the railing on the viewing area at the top of the Rock - in the past, I would cower in the middle and not go anywhere near the railings! :-D 

I was over the moon - very pleased with my progress. 

Went to Kizomba lesson and then to Bachata party (I did have a mini siesta in my car after Kizomba while I waited for the party to start!)

Saturday 27th April

Went hiking again today - this time to Rio de La Miel in Algeciras.  

Decided to take it easier today after yesterday's trek, but still hiked around 8km up 24 floors.  

Went dancing in La Linea.

Sunday 28th April

Rest day, but with last night's dancing and dancing at the Casino during the evening, still managed 8,447 steps. 

However, I was aware on Sunday night, while out dancing that I was again starting to feel so very tired.  So tired that my legs wouldn't work properly and my spirits plummeted.  I actually left the Casino early and close to tears!  

Health Overview
Weight has dropped a bit - 172.5 lbs so 1.25 lb - still too slow for my liking!
Blood pressure still stable.
Felt good while hiking on Friday and Saturday but started to drop by Sunday night. 

Preparation This Week 

Monday 5274
Tuesday 2802
Wednesday 2509
Thursday 2376
Friday 27,319  -   105 floors
Saturday 13,229  -  24 floors
Sunday 8,447
3 Circuits, 4 hours dance lessons, dance parties Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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