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Week 14: Visitors 1
Written by Tina Sibley in April 2019

My routine was thrown this week as I had a friend come to stay for 10 days.  However, it was so nice to break from my routine and go and do some tourist things.

I was pretty focused on all the paperwork for my Spanish Residencia, which took some time. 

Again I let my writing slide, so am writing this retrospectively a couple of weeks later.

Monday 1st April

I have absolutely no idea what we did today!  Food shopping and lots of talking - but did two dance lessons during the evening. 

Tuesday 2nd April

Visited Castillo del Castellar, took our time and ambled around the hilltop village.  A pretty chilled day out. Step count is low, but did do 16 floors.

Wednesday 3rd April

Lots of walking today!  Visited La Linea market and then I had my first appointment for my Spanish Residencia.  Then we walked into Gibraltar, so upped the steps today. 

Thursday 4th April

Today, we had a full day out.  First we visited the Roman Baths near Casares, then went to Gaucin and then visited the beautiful city of Ronda up in the hills.  Big step day and also did 17 floors.

Ronda was a good test of my new found confidence in high places!  I took every opportunity to peer over high bridges, and even went onto a platform hanging off the edge of the cliff to have my photo taken.  It didn't feel like a platform sticking out and there were railings, so it didn't really feel any different from looking over the edge of the bridge. 

I'm surprised and thrilled that I'm no longer feeling that grip of terror that I used to have.  

Friday 5th April

Didn't do a lot today, weather was pretty rubbish!

Saturday 6th April

Didn't do a lot today either - weather still rubbish.  Went for coffee with friends at chiringuito. 

Sunday 11th April

Went into Gib and took a minibus tour to see the upper rock.  Walked around the caves and on some parts of the rock then around Europa point.  Weather still pretty rubbish so not as much walking as we would have liked. 

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