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Week 12: Back to Circuits
Written by Tina Sibley in March/April 2019

I have been really heartened since the success of doing the Med Steps last weekend.  But I also realise I have to step up if I'm going to manage the physical challenge of the Inca Trail. 

The Inca Trail is the equivalent of doing the Med Steps 6.5 times over 4 days - with the added difficulty of the altitude!  

However - once again, after Tuesday I didn't record daily, so the rest of the week is a round up written about 4 weeks later!

Monday 18th March

Surprisingly, I didn't ache massively yesterday after doing the Med Steps on Saturday.  However, I did feel it in my calves today.  I also did a lot yesterday with a walk on the beach and then dancing in the evening, so I designated today a rest day, although I did do 2 hours of dance lessons.  

Tuesday 19th March

Instead of focusing on steps today, I decided to get back to doing the circuit training and started again at Day 1.  It felt better though starting it this time around.  Dance lesson in the evening. 

Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th March

Continued with some circuits, lots of dancing and some walking at the weekend. 

Health Overview
Blood pressure pretty much the same.  OK

Weight  pretty much the same.  

Preparation This Week 

No hiking again this week:


Monday 6505
Tuesday 4061
Weds 5373
Thurs 3117
Friday 5387
Saturday 9192
Sunday 12209

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