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Week 11: Breakthrough
Written by Tina Sibley in March 2019

This really was a breakthrough week for me!  Both in terms of my fitness and in terms of getting over my fear of heights.  

Again, I didn't record things as I went, so I've taken the figures from my health app, activities from my diary and I'm writing this retrospectively.  

Round up of The Week

This week ended with a massive achievement and breakthrough for me!

The beginning of the week, I was still in the UK and went to the hospital in Tunbridge Wells on Monday for my CT scan of my heart.  That was really weird.  It was like being in some kind of sci-fi movie!

As I write this, I haven't had the results but I'm confident all will be OK. 

While in Tunbridge Wells, I took the opportunity of going to a great outdoor store and bought some lovely new hiking boots!

I flew back home on Wednesday and was so glad to be back.  

I went to dance class as usual on Thursday and then to Monet dancing on Friday, which was brilliant.  

The huge breakthrough though was Saturday.  

My friend Val sent me a message on Friday inviting me to do the Med Steps in Gibraltar with her on Saturday.  I honestly didn't think I was ready, but decided to see how far I could get, so I accepted the invitation.  And it would be a good outing for my new boots!

The Med Steps is a hiking trail up the Rock of Gibraltar.  You can check it out here:

I didn't think I was ready for two reasons.  I didn't think I'd done enough physically the last few weeks and although I'd had 2 EFT sessions, I didn't think I would be ready yet in terms of overcoming my fear of heights.  But I wanted to actually measure myself as my benchmark against this was unknown. 

To my HUGE surprise - I made it all the way to the top of the Rock!  I was astounded by how little I was affected by being up high - I found I could look down and I didn't experience any of my former terror from being up there.  

I also found the physical aspect better than I expected.  My legs and knees were OK and, although I got out of puff, as long as I took it easy, and we rested regularly, that wasn't too bad either.  

However, I did get side-swiped by the heat.  It was a hotter than usual day and I found myself sweating buckets!  Foolishly, although I took water, I didn't take nearly enough, and just over half-way, I suddenly started to feel light-headed and a bit sick.  Classic de-hydration and heat effects!  

So, we found a spot in the shade to rest for about 15 minutes and Val kindly gave me some more water and I ate a snack bar that she also provided.  Life saver!

After this, I was as right as rain again and then made good progress.  

When I got to the top - I honestly was so amazed, it took a while for the feeling of achievement to kick in!  

I decided to test my fears (or absence of them) further and our walk around the rock brought me to the mid cable car station with the walkway that sticks out of the rock and seems to hang in the middle of nowhere.  Last time I was on this, some 18 years ago, I was so terrified, I couldn't breather, hyper-ventilated and was a complete wreck.  This time, I was absolutely fine!  Incredible!

Then, for good measure, I went over the suspension bridge!  I wasn't totally comfortable, especially as it moved, but I wasn't terrified either. 

This is HUGE for me and fills me with confidence that I will be able to handle the Inca Trail without letting terror overtake me. 

Health Overview
Blood Pressure has been a bit variable this week but mostly good. 

Only lost 1 lb this week and ended up at 179 - I still seem to have hit a plateau and it's really frustrating!

Preparation This Week 

Steps this week:
Monday - 7,292
Tuesday - only  2,745 (It chucked it down so we stayed indoors!)
Weds only 5,145 - mainly at the airport
Thursday - a pathetic 1,763
Friday - only 3,336
Saturday - a whopping 30,761 - my record best!
Sunday 12,064

This was a monumental week for me and I have more confidence that I can do this.  I now need to get back to my fitness training properly again. 

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