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Week 10: Heart Test Time!
Written by Tina Sibley in March 2019

Back to the UK later this week to start some tests for my heart. Managed much more walking this week as well. 

Round up of The Week

Another 5 hours of Spanish lessons on Monday and Wednesday.  This is SO time consuming.   

Tuesday I did a lot of walking around La Linea when I went to try and make an appointment at the police station for my Spanish Residencia.  Mega-frustrating as I couldn't get the appointment, but it did force lots of walking!

Thursday, I flew back to the UK as I had to have blood tests on Friday. 

Then I did lots of walking at the weekend around Tenterden with my sister. I can tell that I'm walking much more strongly now than last time I went walking around the Kent countryside, so I am making some progress. 

Health Overview
I didn't record my BP while in the UK

Weight went up again by 0.25 lbs and ended up at 180 - I seem to have hit a plateau and it's really frustrating!

Preparation This Week 

Steps this week:
Monday only 1,642
Tuesday - 10,308
Weds only 3,340
Thursday 6,591
Friday 12,440
Saturday 10,295
Sunday 10,460

Again, not really much to report. 

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