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Coaches - Struggling to Get Clients?
Written by Tina Sibley in January 2018

Many coaches and consultants struggle to get new clients on board.

Here’s the problem:

The ‘old’ ways of getting clients aren’t working so well:


Do you find that people refer you on a regular basis? The problem is that coaching isn’t an easy thing to refer – especially if you have a wide, unspecific approach to who you can help.
Also, unless they know better, our networking colleagues think that you ‘fix’ people and are afraid that their contact will find it cheeky if they suggest that ‘fixing’ would be a good idea. There are some very easy tweaks to make to your networking to make it MUCH easier for people to refer you.

Free sessions

Yes you want to talk to people 121 but if you use the session to completely ‘fix’ a problem, there is no need for that person to pay you! And at this point, they may be unaware there is another problem that needs fixing.

The complimentary session has to be structured in such a way that it gives great value, but at the same time reveals the even greater value of working with you. Then, you make it easy for them to buy rather than do a ‘selling’ job on them.

You also need to ensure you’re not just talking to anyone and everyone – you can swallow up a whole heap of your time doing that and end up burned out and frustrated.
It’s important to pre-qualify who you talk to and ONLY talk to those who are ready, willing and able to continue further with you, if you’re a good fit for each other.
Generating Clients Online

There are SO many ways to generate income online…..


It can all be a little overwhelming!

The common misconception is that you need and all-singing, all-dancing website, you need a lead magnet, squeeze page, autoresponder – you need to build a list, you need to set up online products, build sales pages, create webinars – build a Facebook group, run live broadcasts, create videos and …….

No wonder that all seems overwhelming!!

Yes – in time, you DO need all of those things – but one step at a time!

And you DON’T need them ALL in place before you can start generating clients and income from online sources.
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