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Content Frustration!
Written by Tina Sibley in January 2018

You give your best webinar and nobody buys!

Or your best stage talk, or video, or Facebook Live – and crickets!

You know that feeling? When you’ve just given some awesome content and you get loads of people tell you that it was brilliant and that you’re an inspiration – but a week or so after the event, absolutely NO-ONE has turned into a client!

It sucks!!

Have you ever had that? How did you feel about that afterwards? If you’re anything like me, then at first it didn’t matter. 

After all, you’re raising awareness about what you do and you’re giving great value. But what about when that happens time after time… after time…. after time… ??

You become disillusioned.

You start to feel angry even!

You begin to feel used and abused – everyone wants your knowledge, your wisdom, your inspiration and your best stuff for free – but nobody wants to pay for it.

Then – worse – you begin to question your worth.

You start to feel like you’re not worth paying, that people will only want your free stuff or pay the lowest prices. You become desperate and slash your prices. You give even more away to try to tempt people in.

STOP! This is a nasty downward spiral and you need to reverse that spiral and get it going UPWARDS!!

First of all – how do I know all this and what it feels like? Quite simple – I’ve been there, done it and FELT it! It’s not nice!

But how do you reverse the trend?

You need to learn about what doesn’t work so you STOP doing it and you need to learn what DOES work so you can START doing it! It’s that easy!

I spent a small fortune on learning this and experimenting and trying things out. I veered off the path and wobbled back onto it again. I’m not going to lie or promise overnight miracles – it’s a journey but every journey starts with a single step, followed by more small steps and I’ve put the basic things you need to know in this free report that you can download to get you started.
You can download it below.

How has it worked for me? Well, I can tell you that I no longer run myself ragged, getting up at silly o’clock several days a week and putting hours into creating and delivering great talks that don’t get me clients!!
And I no longer speak anywhere and everywhere for free! I do speak for free – but on my terms and there is ALWAYS more in it for me than ‘raising awareness’. I just don’t do the ‘raising awareness’ stuff any more!

Oh – and you’ve probably noticed that I’m enjoying life, living in the sun, doing lots of dancing and having fun – and travelling!! This is because I broke out of my old habits and patterns. I invested in myself to learn about how to do it differently and make it work for me.

I invested not only cash that I didn’t have spare, but time to learn and implement what I learned. And I’m still learning – still working with mentors to learn more and do it better.

I’m absolutely passionate about preventing other coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers to go through what I did. I don’t want ANYONE to feel the way I did. I want you to begin making the changes that will get your content WORKING so you can fulfil your purpose of helping others.

So begin your journey of learning – break the habit of fruitless networking (online and offline) and creating content that doesn’t work and download this report to learn how to get your webinars, your speaking and videos working for you.

• Learn 5 key strategies that will make all the difference!
• STOP spending endless time on activities that are NOT working
• CHANGE what you do and make your networking WORK!
• START ‘Speaking to Sell’ and begin ATTRACTING CLIENTS

The only thing it will cost you to learn this is your time!

Download the report here NOW!

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