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Choices, choices!
Written by Tina Sibley in June 2018

It was a cold but bright, sunny day in April in Calgary. I was on my way back to the house from the supermarket when I saw it….
A home-made ice cream shop advertising 72 delicious flavours including old favourites such as various chocolate flavours, or raspberry ripple and weird and wonderful offerings such as Tiger Tail, Triple Tornado and even Hedgehog!

Although around -15C outside, it was definitely not too cold for ice cream!

I went inside and gawped at the counters trying to decide what I wanted. And my brain went into an indecisive fog – I wanted to try them ALL! My gut feeling, quite literally was to have several. But I had to decide on just two.

How to choose?

I began with my usual method of decision making – figuring out what I didn’t want (definitely not hedgehog!) and using the process of elimination. Finally, I had brought my choice down to three and reluctantly eliminated Kahlua Fudge Supreme, choosing Banana Fudge and Ontario Maple Walnut (I was in Canada, after all) and I scrumptiously slavered over every lick!

While reminiscing about this experience, it got me thinking about how I approach most of my choices – and I started to wonder how other people approach their decision making. 

Having too many choices has always been one of the major difficulties I face in my business – and in my life generally. 
For example, with my business, I almost have too many skills and too many potential products and routes to take with it – which has resulted in me chopping and changing things around.

Lately, because of family commitments, my time is scarce and I’m looking for ease, resulting in a decision to limit the amount of coaching clients I’m taking on and focus more on the kind of work I can do around an ever changing schedule. This leads me to more of the ‘done for you’ webinars and other funnels. And it also leads to using more automation and technology.

However, it doesn’t have to stop there!

Often, we think that making one choice automatically prevents us from enjoying the alternative choice – but nothing is further from the truth.

Take that ice cream….

I chose two flavours on that visit, discarding the third on the short-list and many more. But only for that particular visit – I enjoyed my Kahlua Fudge and other flavours next time. And I could go back as many times as I wanted to. 

And my business too – the ways of working and my offers will change to suit me, while remaining around the same consistent theme of helping people to get clients through speaking, webinars and funnels. All the time looking for ease – for myself and for my clients. Finding ways of doing things more simply, quickly and more efficiently.

So – our choices are fluid and flexible.  

And how you arrive at them are individual and personal. 

I listen to my gut – to fathom what I really want and then use the process of elimination to decide what I want right now. 

How about you? What decision making processes do you use?

Where are you looking for ease in your business? Would you like more ease and simplicity with automation? If so, get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you.

And let me know your favourite ice cream flavour!
If you want more clients, more money, more ease and to make a bigger difference, reach out and let’s talk. 

PS – If you want to see some of the flavours, check out their website here:

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