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Lead Generation, Master Chefs and Burgers!
Written by Tina Sibley in February 2018

Do you have the right tools and environment to fully utilize your skills and potential?  Or - are you like a Master Chef who's flipping burgers?
OK - I don't mean that literally!  But do you have AMAZING skills that you're not able to fully utilise because you don't have the systems or tools in place to attract the quality of work and clients who will pay top prices for your skills?

I ran a FB live video on this topic and you can watch it here - but first, a disclaimer!

I have nothing against burger vans - in fact I love burgers!  And many burger vans produce yummy, good quality food.  The metaphor I'm looking for here though is a fully qualified gourmet chef who is flipping cheap burgers in a nasty van owned by someone else!  And it's not their choice! 

This video explains how you can make sure you're getting in front of the people who will pay you to create a gourmet meal so you can stop flipping cheap burgers - metaphorically speaking! :-) 

It's the recording of a Facebook Live video I did, so fast forward to the five minute mark to get past the set up stuff at the beginning. 

A chef who dreams of serving up the highest quality dining experience to people prepared to pay top whack isn't likely to find their ideal customer in the queue for burgers. 

Those people are going to seek a nice restaurant.

Even if they do like burgers, when they're in the line for a burger, they're not looking for a gourmet meal at that precise moment - they are wanting and looking for a burger.

So it makes sense that, if you want to use your top range of skills, you need to showcase them differently - you need to use the tools to do that - you need the metaphorical restaurant rather than the van!

Fortunately, the systems and tools you need to really showcase your high-end services don't cost anywhwere near as much as buying a class restaurant does!

Watch the video to see where I'm going with this! :-D 
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