Passionate about helping you to Market Your Message - WITHOUT the hype and BS!

Showing you how to attract clients while maintaining your integrity and being true to your values.

Passionate about speaking to sell - WITHOUT the hype and BS!

Showing you how to attract clients while maintaining your integrity and being true to your values.

So Who is Tina?
My mission is to help you make a big difference
    I value
  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Fun
   I detest
  • Lies
  • Manipulation
  • Money Grabbers
  • Bad Service
  • Pompous Big Egos
A bit about me...

You May have noticed there is a beach theme on this website!!

That's because I'm obsessed with the beach! I work hard, play hard and the beach is my place for re-generation and inspiration. I now live in Southern Spain and get to spend time on my beloved beach daily.

My business supports my lifestyle and allows me to invest in my personal and business development, and I'm still very much a work in progress.  

Above all, I work with wonderful clients from all around the globe:  from the UK, Spain, other countries in Europe, the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia. And I love it.

A few years ago though, life for me was very different....

I'm a coach and trainer and have always been told that my coaching and training is the best! 

Consistently getting the highest praise and feedback, and even winning national awards, I couldn't understand why I still struggled to get a consistent stream of clients and work.  I followed the more traditional methods of networking and I spoke anywhere and everywhere - to no avail. 

Eventually, after investing with some wonderful mentors, I changed what I was doing and that's when my business and life changed for me.  

But to really understand my struggle and how I overcame it, I need to go further back.

It's a bit long for this page, so you can read the unabridged story here.  

Been there, done it, got the T-Shirt
There are many trainers of speaking and presenting who have never spoken professionally in their lives.

There are also many who teach who have spoken professionally, but who haven't been trained to pass that knowledge on - training is a skill in itself.

I'm one of the very few who have done both.

I've presented, trained and coached throughout my career and, a Fellow of the CIPD, amassed a whole bunch of qualifications and letters!  

I've also been paid to speak on stages at conferences regularly, and I've achieved national awards (one presented to me by BBC Tomorrows World presenter, Philippa Forrester)

More importantly, I've learned how to use speaking to attract clients and build a business that supports me and my lifestyle.
I get it....

I get that want to make a bigger difference by making an impact on more people.  Me too!

I get that you want to attract more clients so you can make that difference.  Me too!

I get that you don't like selling in a way that seems manipulative and pushy.  Me too!

I get that you might be nervous about speaking or running webinars.  I used to too!

I get that you want to increase your income but without appearing money-grabbing.  Me too!

I get that you want more freedom to enjoy life and be a true role model.  Guess what?  Me too!
Maria Kalogera
"Working With Tina is Worth Every Penny"
"I woke up this morning, put my kids on the school bus, kissed my husband goodbye, sat on my computer and in one hour finished my DREAM CAREER MODEL. After talking to Tina yesterday everything started to fall into place. Tina's mentoring programme helped me, not only learn how to present myself, but also helped me to develop my business and I now realize how I can combine everything together."
Maria Kalogera - Career Consultant in Greece specialising in getting students into the right International Universities
About Marketing Your Message
& 5 Star Speakers

I want to teach, encourage and inspire business owners to talk about their business in a way that's comfortable - and gets results.  Quite simply, I help you to Market Your Message.

Speaking is an essential skill when you run a business - otherwise how do you let people know what you do?  But it's not enough to just have great speaking skills.

On top of that - while I see so many speakers who are nice people and have great ethics, it seem that there are so many who are judgmental, critical, egotistical and manipulative.  Sorry - but there it is!  It also seemed to me from the teachings I've observed that those who were speaking in ways that are manipulative and, in my view, unethical are being hugely successful.  Which seems to teach that you have to be a 'bad guy' (or girl) to get ahead.

I have a firm belief you don't have to be a 'bad guy' to get ahead.  

I set out to learn ways and gather evidence that good guys can win too - and ultimately do better than the 'bad guys'.

So - I created 5 Star Speakers to share what I'm learning, so you can attract clients, have more people buy from you and enjoy more success - while remaining true to yourself, retaining your integrity and being the nice person that you are.  I renamed my Membership Programme to Market Your Message, as I now help with more than the Speaking side of things.  

And 'bad guys' are not allowed in!

I created this mini manifesto to sum things up:
Mini Manifesto
Our Philosophy
We aren’t necessarily paid professional speakers (but some of us might be)
We’re not rehearsed to the point of every word, pause and even breath
We are more spontaneous and responsive to our audience
We speak from the heart
We speak with integrity and honesty
We have a message and we’re passionate about spreading it
We don’t trot out the same hype as everyone else
We are unique and proudly use our own voices
We inspire people with our words and actions
We make a difference
We don’t use our words to manipulate or bully
We don’t tell lies or make false claims
We don’t use our skills of persuasion just to line our own pockets
We do use them to serve and encourage
We create quality content
We don’t put ourselves on a pedestal and allow our egos to rule us
We don’t patronise or belittle our audience
We are inclusive
We listen as well as speak
We care…. A lot
We strive to continually improve – for the benefit of ourselves and our audience
We invest in ourselves
We stand up against those who give our industry a bad name
We lead by example
We are role models
We make a difference
We are Marketing Our Message
Five fun facts about me...
1.  Apart from my love of my work and the beach, my other big passion is salsa dancing.  Or, to be more accurate, dancing salsa, kizomba and particularly bachata.  But most people outside of the salsa dancing world haven't heard of the others.

2.  I used to practice martial arts and got to Brown Belt in Kenpo Karate.  I also had a great time visiting the studio of a Kenpo master in Florida where I was treated like a VIP.

3.  I also used to be a part time soldier in the Territorial Army.  I served for over 7 years as a medic and loved it.  I got to do stuff that I'd always dreamed of doing since being a kid - and a tomboy.

4.  I love horses and used to ride regularly and have my own horses.

5.  I've always been a bit of a performer and used to be in an amateur dramatics group, so have experienced the terror and thrill of acting on stage.  
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